Zazen Benchtop Water Filter System


The zazen Alkaline Water filter system revitalises tap water with mineral water that tastes enjoyable as well as being rich of nutrients. it holds 8 litres in lower tank (both plastic and glass tanks) and 4 litres in upper tank. It also:

  • Reduces Fluoride by up to 90%

  • Is BPA & Phthalate Free with Glass Bottom Tank option

  • Filters harmful THMs, poisonous heavy metals and other bacteria down to 0.2 micron

  • Hydrates at a cellular level (if you have heard me talk about this before you’d know thats important!) as it enables the cells to release toxic waste

  • Nourishes the body with a balanced range of essential minerals & electrolytes

How does it work?

The zazen Alkaline Water system has been designed to emulate the creator’s natural water filtration and remineralisation process. Water in nature filters slowly through Mother Earth before it bubbles up through a spring, it not only harnesses the nutrients but it also is full of vital energy and lifeforce. It is essentially living water for our cells.

Our drinking water may be contaminated in two main forms: bacterial and chemical. The zazen Alkaline Water filter system works to reduce bacterial & chemical contamination, clean your water, and then remineralise, rebalance, protect and restructure the water so that it water that helps hydrate not cause more cell wastage.

How do you buy one?

If you would like to pick one up locally, please contact me here, otherwise you can purchase it from the zazen filter from the shop and it will be posted to your door.