Frequently Asked Questions about Biocompatibility Testing


How does the equipment work?
Every cell in the body requires electrical simulation to function correctly so when eating or using Incompatible foods and products this can interfere with this function. The equipment is calibrated to a level which displays the reaction on a graph through a unique system of equipment and software. This equipment picks up items that an allergy or intolerance test may miss as it is very sensitive.

What do you need from me?

I need a small hair sample either from your hair, leg, beard or arm. You don’t have to use hair, you can also use saliva with the same results.

What makes this test different to other tests, for example testing for IgE or IgG antibodies through a blood sample?
Most tests work from testing the antibodies to proteins alone. In our system we use foods as a whole as they are eaten including raw and cooked. This allows us to differentiate right down to brand names rather than the protein that you may have a large reaction to. Many reactions can be due to a compromised Immune System, which is why I like to do this test for most clients as it saves the guess work and allows faster response with repairing A compromised immune system and the compromised cellular function. If you want to get allergy testing please contact me to arrange.

Does this mean I can’t eat anything?

No, the test is focused on foods that you can eat rather than what you react to. The report will have a list of over 500 foods and household products. These items are clearly marked into groups, Items to use and items to avoid. So the instructions are very simple: use only the foods and products that test ok (black) and ones to avoid (red) This testing is very specific right down to brand names which is why I love it.

Can I see an example of the report?

Sure, you can download my latest Biocompatibility Testing Report here.

What is the aim of this test?

The aim is to remove the incompatible foods and eating only compatible foods to reduce inflammation and repair cellular function. Repairing comes organically due to reduced foods causing a poor cellular response, however this is why a consultation may be needed as years of lifestyle choices are not able to be reversed overnight.