Frequently Asked Questions? 


Are you covered by Medicare or do you offer health rebates?

Unfortunately, naturopathic consults are not covered by Medicare. Prior to 2019, private health rebates were available but due to changes, private health rebates have stopped across most private health care providers for naturopaths. do offer private health care rebates to those with relevant private health cover.

What modalities do you use? Do you practice homeopathy or iridology?

The modalities used are predominantly nutrition and herbal medicine. By implementing changes to diet and lifestyle and supporting the body where required with nutritional supplements and herbs, we see great improvement to health. I do not practice homeopathy or other energetic forms of medicine.  

In regards to diagnostic tools, I use clinical questioning, your symptom picture, physical examination and pathology tests (along with a confirmed diagnosis from your GP or medical specialist) to determine what is happening with your body. I do not use iridology as a diagnostic tool.

Is naturopathy safe?

Natural therapies are often thought of as being completely safe, however there are always safety concerns that need to be taken into account with every individual. Part of our questioning process is to ensure that there are no potentially dangerous or life threatening health issues occurring that may require medical treatment. We also need to know your current medications and treatments to ensure that there are no interactions with nutritional or herbal supplements. My attitude is always strictly 'safety first'.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a form of natural health care that looks for the underlying cause of a patient's complaints, treating with changes to diet and lifestyle, vitamin and mineral supplementation and herbal medicine with aim to guide and inform patients about health and how they can support themselves for the long-term by making healthier choices.

Modern clinical naturopathy embraces the latest advances in biomedical science as it deepens our understanding of how the body works and how nutrition and herbal medicine influence our state of health, while drawing on the practices and knowledge of herbalists and natural physicians that has been utilised for hundreds of years.

Naturopaths have a holistic view of health where physical, mental and emotional aspects along with lifestyle and environment are all recognised to have an impact on our wellbeing.

What are 'practitioner only products'? Can't I buy the same supplements from the supermarket?

I stock a range of supplements picked from the most trusted supplement companies in Australia. They have been highly researched and thoroughly tested to ensure they are effective.

Practitioner only products can only be prescribed by qualified practitioners as they are often in higher and higher than most of over the counter supplements (which often contain products that are poorly absorbed or at low doses, resulting in little more than rather expensive urine) allowing your naturopath to dose therapeutically and to monitor your progress. 

I do not exclusively stock one brand, as I believe in finding the best products at the best price for clients and have found that no one brand has it all. If you are on holidays and have a script from your naturopath for a particular supplement, feel free to get in touch to see if I carry what you are looking for. Practitioner only products cannot be sold without a prescription.