Relieving 'Mum Fatigue' - A Naturopath's Top 10 Tips

Becoming a mum is exhausting. All of a sudden, you have another human 100% reliant on you. That’s a lot of stress to be under! So it’s no surprise that many of us experience the dreaded ‘mum fatigue’. Sometimes, it lasts for a few months, sometimes, it lasts decades!

As a naturopath, I wasn’t immune to this experience. But I was able to use my knowledge to relieve it naturally. If mum fatigue has got you down, here are the tips I used to get through it.

How To Relieve Mum Fatigue

Get out and breathe

Cabin fever is a real thing. Even if you just go for a walk around the block – with or without the baby – it will help. We need oxygen, and outside is the best air to breathe! As a bonus, sunshine is great for your mood and hormones.

Eat properly

You cannot feel energised if you’re not getting any fuel into your body! Meal prep if you need to. Hell, get your meals delivered if you can afford it! But make sure you consume food regularly. Eat your breakfast, even if it’s just peanut butter on toast.

With that being said – you’re best off avoiding refined carbs and sugars when you can, because they’ll make you crash harder.

Eat when you want to

This is one time when worrying about your weight should be the last thing on your mind. If you are hungry, there is a reason! Carrying and then feeding another human depletes so many nutrients. So yes, try and make good decisions – but just eat the damn food.

Catch up with likeminded people

Your friends who don’t have kids are great – but they won’t understand what you’re going through right now. Find friends who have kids, or make new friends! Those are the friends who won’t judge you if you rock up with messy hair and a stained t-shirt on 3 hours sleep.

Have a shower

I have never loved showers more than I do as a mum. It feels like it literally washes away my stress. Warm water is soothing for the nervous system, and so is a break from your little one! So hand them over to Dad or the babysitter, and take as much time as you want in there.

Get a cleaner if you can!

The state of the house becomes one of the lowest priorities, and that’s fine! But if you can outsource the cleaning up, do it with no guilt. This is essential if you’re someone who hates a messy house. No one wants to clean up their own house when they haven’t slept a full night in weeks!

Do a little something each day for you

You’re not just a mum. You are still a human being who needs to do things for sheer enjoyment. So think of some small things you can do on a daily basis to keep yourself sane.

It might be having a square of chocolate every afternoon. It might be painting your nails each week. Whatever it is that makes you feel like ‘you’ again – do that.

Binge on Netflix with zero guilt

Your body has been through a rollercoaster, and so has your brain. So there’s nothing wrong with zoning out and enjoying trashy shows. If you’re too tired to move – make sure your bubba is fine, then settle in and binge on your favourite series.

I’m first to admit that I do this whenever I don’t have the energy to keep going. And it makes me feel much better! So go ahead – you have your naturopath’s permission to curl up and relax.

Sip herbal tea

Sometimes, all you need is to take a few minutes out to make a cuppa. Herbal tea is your best bet, because it can help keep you calm and relaxed. My top picks as a new mum are:

  • Chamomile – to help with sleep and stress

  • Oats – calm the nervous system

  • Fennel – to support a good milk supply

Make sure you double-check if your herbal tea is safe for consumption if you’re breastfeeding!

Learn how to ask for help

This is the one thing I struggled with the most. I don’t like being vulnerable and admitting I can’t run the entire world by myself! But if we can’t ask for help as a new mum, when else can we? We don’t live in huge communities where babies are raised any more. Instead, we expect to do it all ourselves.

If you need a shower – ask your partner to watch your baby. If your house is a disaster, ask your mum to help get it under control again. Maybe you haven’t eaten a proper meal in weeks – ask your bestie to drop by with a roast chicken. Chances are, they know you need help – they’re just waiting for the ok to give that help.

Do you need some help with boosting your energy? I’m here to help. Book your appointment today, and we’ll get that mum fatigue under control.