8 ways to get all the goodies into your kids

I see a lot of children with behavioural, developmental concerns and physical dysfunction such as loose or hard stools, reflux, flatulence, earinfections, headaches, low or excessive body weight and sleeping issues. A lot of my time is spent thinking how I can make my clients day easier and give their lovely little one the nourishment they may need without a fight.

It's no lie that kids can be challenging from time to time and sometimes it can be frustrating to get them to eat fruit, vegetable or even a piece of toast on a daily basis. Buying a tablet or capsule and even getting them to take it may prove as an endless task always ending in tears and the powders at the shops seem to have sugar, a foul smell, taste or filled with additives, so I've come to save the day! Below are some great ideas to help your kids, not only enjoy but also ask for it that 'yum yum' again.

1. Make a Smoothie - Make it fun and involve your children in the process. Who doesn't love throwing blueberries into a blender and watching the colours change! Smoothies can have a small amount of fruit such as blueberries, banana, kiwi or mango mixed with probiotics (if your child is taking them), your milk of choice (I like coconut or almond), ice, organic vanilla essence, LSA or nuts. You can add anything you want and experiment with your kids, things like spinach, cucumber, apple and mint. Give it a go making your own for your family by blending your concoction up.

2. Use a straw - I think this is one of my favourites. It's easy to get down and faster, plus if you use a cup with a lid, then there is less mess and resistance due to minimal smell.

3. Make Ice-cream with frozen fruit - Mix up the frozen banana with any of the prescribed supplements and store small portions it in a clip lock bag, flattened for storage in the freezer, in an ice tray or just share it with the family.

4. Make Jelly - When adding gelatin powder to the supplements, water, your flavour of choice and turn this chore into funky shaped jelly gummies. Set them and store them in the fridge for the week or the freezer for long term storage. Liquid herbals are also great to add to this as the taste can be masked.

5. Raw Ball Treats - Make raw chocolate balls with cocao, chia seeds, nuts, almond or cashew butter, dates, supplements, shredded coconut or try lemon rind, macadamia nuts and dates. These taste great and are a healthy snack.

6. Make popsicles - blend the supplement with room temperature filter water and turn into popsicles. These are ideal for summer. You can even pour the mix into a tray of cute animal ice cube shapes and then add them to drinking water to melt and add flavour throughout the day. This one is my favourite with watermelon.

7. Add it to dip - Make homemade hummus or avocado dip with the supplement.  Eat it with celery and carrot sticks for a great afternoon snack. Yum!

8. Add it to mixed veggie - vegetables like potato, sweet potato or pureed vegetables make a great change from all the sweet foods as part of lunch or dinner. You can also hide veg broth all over it too.

Have you got a surefire way to get your little one to eat those supplements that I haven't listed? Let me know by commenting below.