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Shonelle Siegmann - Naturopath


Hi, I’m Shonelle,

My name is Shonelle Siegmann and I am a life giver in all it’s forms. I am a catalyst for hormonal shifts, a mother, a wife and if you really want to put me into a box; a naturopath and herbalist.

At this point in time, my main focus is building bodies for babies, birth and all the tough choices that we as women face. 

It is critical that you know that I am:

  • A Pisces that feels all the emotions and looks at all sides of the situation 

  • I am extremely soft and equally as honest

  • A truth seeker and speaker

  • A highly sensitive person that feels the vibe shifts in a room

  • A little bit of a romantic 

  • Unable to take no as an answer 

I want you to feel like the temple you are, feel electric and alive as you should and for me to help you with that there need to be some breakdowns, breakthroughs and serious goal kicking activities. 

This may be in the form of diet changes, lifestyle changes and even thought processes. I will hold your hand through this and be there in all ways.

I am going to throw questions at you like no one else would. An example of this is; how many times do you poop a day & what’s your period really like? Be prepared to connect deeply to your body and be cracked open, raw to the core - just like becoming a mother does to us, just like the medical system does when it fails to help you and just like a sincere warm space holding hug does to you when you are putting that mask on. 


I see you, I hear you and I want to help you navigate through the health storm you are in, see you through the other side, living life to the highest of your potential. 


I have worked alongside some masters of the profession. Their teachings has allowed me to fine tune and meld both the science with empathy, body reading skills and intuitive healing.

My true passion is supporting women with their reproductive health and couples through the early days of fertility support and preconception care. Of course nurturing families with their little ones is close to my heart also. There is nothing better than the thrill of seeing my clients arrive with little hope or expectation, and then seeing their health and fertility blossom as we work together.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

  • Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine

  • Member of CMA


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