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Oh hey, I’m Shonelle,

I am a life giver in all its forms - a mother, wife, naturopath and herbalist.

What do I do?

My main focus is building healthy bodies for babies, birth, and the challenges and milestones of life as a woman.

This includes supporting couples and individuals with reproductive health, preconception care, fertility support and hormonal balance.

Nurturing families is also close to my heart, and I work with people of all backgrounds and ages, providing naturopathic health support including:

  • Comprehensive initial consultations and review appointments

  • Acute consultations for minor, short-term health complaints

  • Physical assessments including blood pressure, nail and tongue analysis

  • Iridology and sclerology

  • Western and Eastern Herbal and supplement dispensing

  • Meal planning

  • Biocompatibility and testing for allergies and intolerances

  • Pathology, stool analysis, hormone profile, MTHFR, DNA and heavy metal testing

  • Infrared sauna sessions

Most importantly, I want you to feel nurtured, electric and alive. To achieve this, I will support you through the breakdowns, breakthroughs and some serious goal kicking.

This may be in the form of dietary changes, lifestyle modifications and mindset shifts. Whatever path your journey takes, I will be there to guide you, or even hold your hand on those difficult days.

Be prepared for me to ask questions no-one else would. Like, how many times do you poop in a day? And what’s your period really like? 

Get ready to connect deeply with your body, to search within, and be cracked wide open, like a seed sprouting with new life.


I see you, I hear you and I want to help you navigate through the health storm you are in, see you through the other side, living life to the highest of your potential. 


How did I get here?

Being a naturopath doesn’t make me immune to health challenges. Quite the opposite in fact.

My life began as an IVF baby, and I arrived into the world at just 24 weeks gestation.

I have battled life-long digestive issues, long-term high functioning anxiety, painful and heavy periods, the discovery of abnormal cervical cells in my 20s, and juvenile arthritis as a teenager. All conditions which could have been helped sooner with the right nutritional advice and care.

But unfortunately that didn’t come until later in my life, when my husband booked me an appointment with a naturopath on the recommendation of a friend. I was prescribed a herbal tincture for my period pain, and zinc to improve my digestion.

I noticed a remarkable change and fell in love with the in-depth and holistic nature of naturopathy. That sparked a desire in me to learn more about achieving optimal health naturally, and I began my transition from working in HR, to becoming a naturopath and herbalist.

The years of study took a further toll on my health, leaving me with subclinical hypothyroidism, and chronic acne after coming off the pill. Conceiving my first child took longer than I wanted, and postpartum I was confronted with tachycardia, anaemia, and thyroid complaints.

Like every parent, I’m busy, and often putting everyone else before myself. My to-do list is never done and my relentless drive means I struggle to take the rest my body craves. I’m only human. But I’m learning. And I love helping others along the way.


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