500 Item Hair Test Challenge


Hi There,

Thanks so much for following the link to purchase your 500 item test. I can not wait to help you feel amazing through sorting your diet on a bio-compatible level.

The purpose of this challenge is to band together and support one another through the transition of cravings, habit and lull moments, because there will be times like that, there will be times when things are worse, better or don’t change but you have to keep going and believe in your body. If it has the tools (good food) then it will start the healing process. If you are sharing anything on social media please don’t forget to tag me @withwellness and #500IHTC.

If you haven’t already, please join the facebook group here. Please introduce yourself and remember to share your wins, things you are stuck with and ask if I can help you. Please note: the group isn’t to talk about supplements, only the results, to share recipes and support.

If you want more specific advice ie) what supplements to take, please contact me for a consultation.